About Core Gardens

Listen to your body. When something is wrong, it lets you know. Pain, anxiety, headaches, weight changes, depression, and changes in memory all can indicate an internal imbalance.

Our mission is to help each individual regain that balance. Core Gardens offers a breadth of products cultivated and tested to focus on a variety of needs.

There is a science behind truly feeling like yourself. We’re at the forefront.

Our CBD Products and Merchandise

The entire selection of CBD products is developed with the consumer in mind. Choose from a number of our different blends to target your specific ailments, including our patent-pending combination of cannabanoids and butterfly pea extract.

Butterfly Pea extract and CBD

Butterfly pea extract is derived from the butterfly pea plant which grows wild in places like Thailand.

While as many as 70 different compounds found in butterfly pea have been examined by researchers, certain compounds are more prominent than others and have been examined for potential therapeutic action.

At Core Gardens, we make use of butterfly pea extract, which is lab tested and rich with flavonoids, by combining it with CBD. Our discoveries have made it possible for us to file a patent on this unique combination of butterfly pea extract and CBD. Our Relief Balm is the perfect example.

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